3-4-2022 Newsletter News (Screenshotted)

Here is the screenshotted news headlines in place of the full news section for this weeks and last weeks (missed) newsletter! 

2/19/2022 Newsletter News

 Here is the news with headlines!

Updates for the 10/2/2021 Newsletter!

 Wow, wow, wow! It is another week and October has arrived! I sadly don't have the time to do the weekly news this week, but still have this update page in case the other links in the newsletter don't work quite right. In case the blog link doesn't work: In case the video does not work:   Thanks so much, see you next week! -Digital Wonders & Smiles

Updates for 9/24/2021 Newsletter!

 Yep, it is another week and I am late with the news segment (sorry!). I'll have the link below once it is out! Here is a link to this week's blog post in case I mess up the links in the email!   Have a great week! I'll hopefully have that news finished soon!  -Digital Wonders & Smiles

Updates for 9/17/2021 Newsletter!

 Hi All! This is the update page for the 9/17/2021 Newsletter! As soon as I finish the news segment, I will post it below! Update ! I messed up the blog link for this week, so here it is! UPDATE! 8/18/21 The photo & tech news is finished and here is the link! Thank you all! -Digital Wonders & Smiles Here is the link to the archived newsletter! 

Updates for 9/11/21 Newsletter!

 Hey all! Welcome to the update page for this week's newsletter! The news segment is going to be finished soon, so as soon as that is finished, you'll find it linked here!  UPDATE: Here is this weeks news! It is totally finished and you can see it using the link below! Here is a link to this week's main blog post!  Thanks!  -Digital Wonders & Smiles Archived Newsletter: